‘Our Life in a NutShell’…

Please note I started writing this Blog on Tues. May 23rd. The date today is Sunday June 18th…. ya. Time flies when you’re having fun…  

‘Cause Baby You’re a FIREWORK!πŸ’₯

Yup, We set off Fireworks… aaaaand we did so on the Monday night of the busiest Long weekend I’ve ever had! It was excellent & I Loved Every Minute of it! Eeeeven tho I turned 40!! πŸ˜± It was the best birthday I’ve ever had. 


The point is that my #PHamily worked together to fill me up with so much Love & Support for my 40th Birthday, that I’m not even worried about this Cardio-Cath anymore. At the Moment, It’s Scheduled for *Thursday May 25th* tho that means  next to nothing as things can change in a blink of an eye & without much notice β›ˆ Haha

So why the Monday of the long weekend? Because you only LIVE once and life IS too Short. Aaaaand  We literally never know what this thing called l Life is gonna throw at’cha! We have to Live in the Now!! We choose to do the things that bring us closer together as a #PHamily – & as I’ve mentioned: ‘Blood Doesn’t Make You #PHamily’ ~ Being there with Love & Support does. Thank You for always being there & having our back, guys… You have no idea what an out of the blue text can do πŸ’₯ Its kinda like a Firework in a dreary sky… like somebody is *Always* there. 

Thank you – ThAnK YoU – THANK-You ARE our people XO

Here’s a snippet of our PHamily Fireworks…​​

Oh! And how did that Cardio-Cath go?! Absolutely Swimmingly! It came EARLY (Wed. May 24)  Aaaaaaand There were so many people offering a Ton of Prayers, Thoughts & Good Vibes on our behalf Aaaaand Realistically – I’m just glad Mia woke up! It feels like  that the dark looming cloud that has been hovering over our family since September has finally been released!! It’s #EuPHoric! 

Take a look at​ some pics… β€‹What’s next for th Berdan-Clan? I dunno… but I’m excited to find out! #PHightModeON. #KeepDASparkle



7 thoughts on “‘Our Life in a NutShell’…

  1. Wow! You should have worked in television! I felt like I was right there with you all weekend and right through the procedure. Thanks for the glimpse. Hugs


  2. Oh wow.. I’v never wept and sniffled over a posting before. Christy, you are a genius. So many talents. As Susan said – I felt I was right there with you. The Berdan family is so “different” and lovable. Thanks for all that effort to “fill us in” on a scarey and important day. The future is bright PTL!!! Lovingly, Nanna


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