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Super Heros in Action 

I went to an assembly today! Yes I did! And what a very cool assembly it was… nooothing at all like the old – school assembly’s that we endured whilst in public school (🤐😴)!! N-no, this assembly was quite a different – not only was the LAST assembly of this school year — but the energy in the room was bouncing off the charts!! Why?!? Well now I’m not *positive* but I think the energy level miiiiiight have been ’cause these kids KNEW that some of their teachers AND their principal were gonna take a #PHpie in the face & they could-not-wait to witness it!! He he he!! Ummm… I can’t help but feel ‘somewhat’ (completely) responsible for that… 😬hehe whooops 🙃oh well… we’re gonna chock that one up so a #SorryNotSorry scenario aaaaaand then I’m not touching right now. K? 😘 AaaaanYwaY… SoOoOo Yes, you can imagine the atmosphere in the gym; It a was a little loud & the energy was definitely highly contagious! What a wonderful and encouraging sound. 

So why am I at an assembly? My job was to simply tell the Crossland Faculty that they literally Rock my World!! Yes, *I* got the honour of telling them that they ARE the absolutely best & I got to thank the them for being so Friggin’ Ah-maze-ing!!!! Right? All of them, each member of the Crossland Team are incredibly outstanding!!…. buuuuut I wanna call out one Team Member in Particular: Laurie Thomas. This woman is a machine & everything she does, she does so with a deep routed JOY & that Joy literally Ooozes out of her! – Laurie exemplifies what having the heart of a Super Hero looks like … and she shares it so lovingly with all of us!! Seriously, I haven’t met many like Ms. Thomas And SO many at Crossland. Thank you Mr. Flynn!! You & your team of Crossland faculty are the the most self-less, generous, wonderfully kind bunch of CrAZY people I’ve met … thank you for being your PHantasticly-AWEsome selves. Each of you have done your part in keeping our Mia safe and healthy this school year – But let’s face it… you know you gotta be a particular kind of CrAzY to jump on that kind Train, but you did… and Thank you!!!! There were many, MANY days I would have lost it if it weren’t for you guys xo

So you can imagine with this bunch, there was a lot of energy in the room was alive!! And so I’ll be quick… cause you’ll want watch this Video!! 
As The Berdan-Clan #PHamily… Thank you! ALL of YOU from the Faculty, to the Students & the Families from Crossland Public School… The Berdan-Clan have felt your Love & Positive Vibes. Thank you, each one of you, for bringing your loonies… & making a difference!! *Raises Hand* Oooo oo oo And check it OUT…!! Just like every good afternoon school special should; WE Learned Something Today!! Here’s our lesson: **One single Loonie may not add up to much, but when all our Loonies come together All those single Loonies really do make a Big difference!! A Huge Difference!! $1000.00 worth of Difference!! To the Pulmonary Hypertension Association of Canada; It means education for more people! It’s a HUGE deal – it could save lives! You see, Sometimes Super Heros don’t wear capes…. it just so happens, that in this case they kiiiiinda do 🌟Thank you ALL so incredibly much xo.




#PHaware ​


‘Our Life in a NutShell’…

Please note I started writing this Blog on Tues. May 23rd. The date today is Sunday June 18th…. ya. Time flies when you’re having fun…

‘Cause Baby You’re a FIREWORK!💥

Yup, We set off Fireworks… aaaaand we did so on the Monday night of the busiest Long weekend I’ve ever had! It was excellent & I Loved Every Minute of it! Eeeeven tho I turned 40!! 😱 It was the best birthday I’ve ever had.


The point is that my #PHamily worked together to fill me up with so much Love & Support for my 40th Birthday, that I’m not even worried about this Cardio-Cath anymore. At the Moment, It’s Scheduled for *Thursday May 25th* tho that means  next to nothing as things can change in a blink of an eye & without much notice ⛈ Haha

So why the Monday of the long weekend? Because you only LIVE once and life IS too Short. Aaaaand  We literally never know what this thing called l Life is gonna throw at’cha! We have to Live in the Now!! We choose to do the things that bring us closer together as a #PHamily – & as I’ve mentioned: ‘Blood Doesn’t Make You #PHamily’ ~ Being there with Love & Support does. Thank You for always being there & having our back, guys… You have no idea what an out of the blue text can do 💥 Its kinda like a Firework in a dreary sky… like somebody is *Always* there.

Thank you – ThAnK YoU – THANK-You ARE our people XO

Here’s a snippet of our PHamily Fireworks…

Oh! And how did that Cardio-Cath go?! Absolutely Swimmingly! It came EARLY (Wed. May 24)  Aaaaaaand There were so many people offering a Ton of Prayers, Thoughts & Good Vibes on our behalf Aaaaand Realistically – I’m just glad Mia woke up! It feels like  that the dark looming cloud that has been hovering over our family since September has finally been released!! It’s #EuPHoric!

Take a look at​ some pics… 

What’s next for th Berdan-Clan? I dunno… but I’m excited to find out! #PHightModeON. #KeepDASparkle