I ❤️ being a Mom! 

… Moooost of the Time 😉

There’s always been this great debate, on Mother’s Day. It should be for the mother with the young kids, right? She should get to do whatever it is that she wants. It’s Mother’s Day. That happens what, never times a year? Even on Mother’s Day. Because let’s face it, We’re mothers. Period. I came across this ad by Sick Kids. It’s pretty powerful, and it made me cry. It made me cry because I have deep empathy for the women in this video because I have found myself in every single one of those situations. Pounding on my steering wheel in anger, crying in the shower (that one’s my favourite) Telling myself: I can do this. I can do this! Just so I can put a smile on my face and be there for my kids. Because I’m a mom.

I’m a mom. I’m not Super Mom, I’m not Wonder Woman… I’m not any better or even much different from any other mother who is trying her ass off to get it right, but feels like she’s failing… I’m still trying to raise self respecting kids who don’t expect everything to be handed to them on a silver platter just because one of them is sick and/or because she’s already lost so much! Every single mom out there knows what it’s like to have the secret thought that our kids are being a pint-sized assholes.  My kids are no different. It just so happens that one of them is also sick. I’m just like everyone else… trying to figure it out as I go along. Nobody ever told us what to expect… there’s is no manual… I wish the comparing would stop… ’cause trust me, we’ve all got shit. I love learning as I get older that we’re not in competition – and none of us have it all together! Aaaanyway… I digress… 

How do you take a day off from being a mom? You really can’t. So the debate is: Do you spend your “Day off” with your kid’s, or do you send them away and take a day off for you!? Well, that’s up to you… Personally, I do both. I want to see my mom, my kids want to see me. And my mother-in-law wants to see my husband. And as it should be! Moms don’t stop being moms just because their kids grow up and have kids, so we do all that and everyone is happy! So I say, do whatever the hell you want! Only you know you need to recharge and keep MOM-ing! Enjoy! 

Happy Mothers Day to Any Mom Anywhere who is trying her Ass to get it Right – EveryDay! 

At the Newmarket Fair… they had a blast… but holy crap that was exhausting! We always try Brave, but she always has to listen to her body. So… you know the ride where gravity pushes your back against the cage so you don’t fall off as the circle spins ’round & ’round? (I know, excellent description right!) I love that ride but the pressure on the lungs is a lot! Buuuut she was determined to try it 😬 So it’s just the four of us going on the ride, and I whispered to the operator: ‘If I ask you to stop this ride please stop this ride, OK?’ And he looked at me sideways and I said: ‘she’s got a lung condition and she’s trying to be brave’ He nodded in empathy and we got on. The ride started, I have my hand on her chest as it starts to spin, as the ride goes faster so does her heart. It feels like it’s thumping out of her chest!! And she says to me: ‘Mommy I need it to stop!” OK! “STOoOoOoOoP” I yell and Mike looks at me from across the ride and he motions: ‘we’re done?’ I nod: yes and he yells: “Stop the Ride! – Stop the Ride!! It slows down and eventually stops… She and I got off the ride Mike and Allie stayed on. We enjoyed listening to her sister giggle and her dad laugh while they enjoyed the ride, I know her heart was breaking inside; because mine was 💔 But! She told me she had the time of her life at the fair yesterday. She and Allie both did! And they both tried things that they didn’t think they could do.. they were Brave – Together! 🍻 Me? I went to bed at 5:30pm surprised I didn’t have a heart stack myself yesterday. Having a PHamily is exhausting. But it’s also so much fun.Allie’s 8th Mermaid Birthday Party

Motherhood: I love it! (Most of the Time!) 😉


7 thoughts on “I ❤️ being a Mom! 

  1. Well said! So proud of Mia for trying and knowing her limits. One day at a time just trying to do our best. =o) … and cue the tears again. Every time !!!

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