Inhale… (updated May 1&23)


I had to make sure you knew this: #IAmReady for this #RightHeartCath AND #TheVibeIsRight. Talking to all of my Peeeple for this whooooole weekend, has helped me write this (INCLUDING you!): 

**Sick Kids Called today about 12 hours ago!!**


🌸Thank you!!! πŸ’ž

So I say ~ ‘Rescheduled Again?’ Bring it!! That’s okay… she’s healthy this-time it’s rescheduled with #LESSTimeToWorry !! Buuuut with Enough Time to call all the #PrayerWarriors &/or those with #TimeToGetTogether. In other words: We’re Calling all OUR #PHamily who’s *Always* there for us through β˜”οΈ& 🌈= πŸ’žit’s #Priceless. 

Thank You  ~ The Berdan-Clan πŸ’πŸ’£

PS. Love you Guys!! Thank you for all you Love & Support & being the other 1/2 of my Brain! Ooooof course I also say that to MY mum all the time. πŸ€“#ItTakesAVillage, Right? Also: Miss Beans will not be in school tomorrow either…. She is ‘A Person’ & ‘She is every bit a Part of this #PHamily, as well. And she outright refused to stay home and go to school! And Good for her, right? She is ALWAYS there for her Sister. I’m sure she wouldn’t expect to be anywhere else. I Love that kid! She’s a Real Sweetheart – yet a BullDog at the same time… kiiiiiinda like her parents?πŸ€” : πŸ˜πŸ€—πŸ˜ˆπŸ˜³πŸ€£ aaaaaand maybe a few other #PHamily members I know 😘 xo


May 1: Here’s the latest update: The week before the procedure, the Berdan household was desperately trying to keep sickness at bay – which wasn’t easy because there were many in Mia’s class who had come down with the gastric flu. Well, despite our efforts, Mia caught it and directly followed it with a cold, including a wee cough. I called the Cath-Clinic just to make sure we should still come. They suggested we should pack to stay the nite, and come by 8:30am, she would be assessed by the internist and Anaesthesiologist to see if we were all clear to proceed. Needless to say my nerves and anxiety made me feel quite sick leading up to the Cath, aaaaand I knew they’d stay that way until this stupid Cardio-Cath was finally done and she wakes up in recovery all safe and sound. SoOooOoo we arrived at Sick Kids and Mia was seen by a nurse, and a cardiac fellow and they said they thought she’d be good to go. Now that being said, they reiterated she could also still be sent home if the anesthesiologist isn’t comfortable. So still we waited. The internist came in and checked her out, then he went to confer with the Anaesthesiologist who said: ‘It’s better to do it another day when there’s no viral infection present at all.” So we got rescheduled for MAY 25th and went home. Basically the long and the short of it is that they COULD have done it with a slight residual viral infection left over, but what’s the point for two reasons: 1. Always the Risk with an the Anaesthetic  2. And They wouldn’t get the accurate pressure readings that they’re hoping for. I know it’s for the best, and I’m happy they’re being cautious… I’d never risk putting Mia in danger on purpose – I just want it to be all done. May 25 it is. 

Original Post:
 …then Exhale… Repeat. 

Breathing… It’s something that most of us do automatically with very little (if any) thought. Totally taking for granted that our next life sustaining breath of air will just be there; ready to be inhaled. But what if it wasn’t? How would that feel? I can imagine it might feel a bit like drowning, including the frantic panic of not having any air to breathe. No thanks, that’s friggin’ scary. I imagine that’s what untreated PH might feel like, or when a PHer gets sick… 

These are the things I think about when my world is silent. I don’t much like silence, nor letting my mind wander… But today I sat in my backyard in the sunshine. Aaaaand strangely I found myself alone… How Odd, yet completely lovely… and so here I sit, Alone. Just soaking up the warmth of the sun, drinking coffee and thinking… 


2 thoughts on “Inhale… (updated May 1&23)

  1. I love you very much. My heart is scared and breaking right beside yours. If you need ANYTHING please call me. Please kiss our Mia for me and she can hug you for me. Xoxoxo

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