Phew ~ It’s Spring! 🌼

Wow. It’s been a while, huh? Sorry about that. I’ve been hibernating all winter. Yes… Literally hibernating. I’ve gone nowhere, and I’ve seen practically no one: Admitedly by choice 😔 Please don’t think you’re the only one who hasn’t heard from or seen me, you’re not. Apparently this adjustment to life as a PHamily is gonna be a helluva lot harder than I thought it would be… Holy Crap, most times *I* find it hard to Breathe, let alone function… But here we are continuing to trudge thru; juuuust like we always do 🙃it’s coming along… just WaaAaaY more slowly than I’d like (and as we know; Patience has never been my strong suit 😉)
So what’s happened since I last updated this blog?

We believe we have figured out which of her many sterile thing-a-ma-bobber products were causing Mia’s skin to have such a reaction to her Site. Tagaderm. And it just so happens that the Sites we were using contain that adhesive… SoOoOo we switched Site Brands and she’s not even as half as itchy as she was: Win! *Happy Dance*  Doesn’t that look better? ⬇️Oh! And we’re really close to getting her waterproofed for the summer! Yay! 🎉 🤞🏻

Mia is scheduled for her Right Heart Catheterization on April 26. Am I worried about that? *insert blank stare here: 😳* Of course!! No parent I know wants to put their kid thru an invasive procedure. But I also feel strangely at peace with it ✌🏻 She’s certainly in much better shape than she was in September when they told us there was a 2% chance she’d make it thru. This time, I don’t doubt she’ll make it thru – Have you met Mia? She’s a Warrior, a PHighter with a such a funny positive attitude AND she has Kick-Ass attitude should the situation warrant it. So I guess yes I’m concerned, but no I’m not overly worried. Make sense? She’s not Done yet… and as long as I can do anything about it… She’ll Never Be Done. 💞

I found a Mom-PHriend!!! She’s AWEsome & Ah-maz-ing & We are so much alike! (Notice how I slipped myself a compliment there?!)  We have so much in common including: She is an Activity Director in a LTC facility and her daughter also has PH. Their PHamily has been PHighting for 4 years now 😔 I hate that they have been, but I’m glad that I found her. Best Part: She only  lives 2.5 hours away… Not bad! It’s nice to have someone who can actually say, ‘I’ve been there’. In fact, she’s often described & validated EXactly how I’m feeling without me so-much as telling her much… via text… that’s pretty amazing, AmIrite??

I contributed an article to the Spring edition of CONNECTIONS magazine. It’s ‘The Official Magazine of the PH Community’ … I’m guessing that should be out soon 😊

May 5th is #WorldPHday. So in addition to Everything going Purple for PH (I guess they figured it was easier than Periwinkle?) we’ve been racking our brains to try and come up with an idea to make the whole world more #PHaware. No pressure there, right? 🤣 I believe we may have found something good tho! So stay tuned… we’re working on the ‘script’, then Mia wants to release it on her own YouTube channel. What a kid. She impresses me everyday; both she and her sister… they make a really good team. #MoeFlo&TheBean

Waxing Wednesdays are starting this week at the Spa — More services will be added soon, but for now… It’s time to ‘De-Furr’ for Spring! 🌵🌸

So now We’ve also been figuring out what each of us need for self-care.  Mike learned what he needs a long time ago and I’m working on allowing myself what I need without feeling guilty for accepting help. Now Mia and Allie are working on what their needs are. Allie requires company and attention ALL the time and Often Mia wants to be alone (you can imagine how that goes down, right)

Other times Mia wants to get lost in or YouTube. This time; she needed a manicure, a trip to Rexall and her Mama 💞

I’ve seriously never seen such an instant elevation in mood than when I told her she could have the Katy Perry mascara. Now it’s definitely confirmed: She is SO my kid!

Here’s something Huge… Mike and I decided that Mia should be under chiropractic care… so she is now under the care of  Dr. Josh at Crossroads Chiro on Eagle street, in Newmarket. Turns out her spine wasn’t looking so good, we figured there can’t be anything wrong with opening up all the pathways so the info can flo from the brain to everywhere it’s supposed to go, right? And this is the gentlest chiropractic care I have ever seen. We’re greatful to have found him and his wonderful staff  😉 xo


So that’s it, This is what the Berdan-Clan have been up to lately… we’re just figuring stuff out, living life and doing the best we can to be as ‘normal’ as humanly possible… but then again, we tend to think that Normal is just simply overrated 😘Oh!! And the most important thing!! Today we celebrate the most PHabulous Man on the Planet! Happy Birthday, Mikey! Thank you for always being the calm in the middle of the emotional shit-storm of ALL of your girls 😬 And for always figuring out a way to keep our heads above water; no matter what we’re facing. Just when I think it’s impossible to love you even the tiiiiiniest bit more, I’m proven wrong. You are my perfect partner – I’m SoOoOoOo  Luckyyyyy 💞💫 (Also Doesn’t hurt that you’re Hott!) xo


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