❄️Chill with Bob Ross❄️

Last nite we were snuggling as a family on the King Size in our room… we were watching Bob Ross paint a beautiful picture of a gorgeous wintery scene – he is so Chiiiiiill, it’s unbelievable! And all 4 of us enjoy watching him paint; it’s so calming – anyway… the point is, while we were cuddled in niiiice and close; it was so quiet and peaceful while Bob was just painting away… I was listening to Mia breathe. It was laboured, and she was very obviously struggling. Of course I’m concerned, so I ask her, “Mia, are you ok?” and exhaustedly she replies, “Ya, I just had a hard day, and I’m really tired.” Wanna know what she did that made her so tired? She decorated a gingerbread with her cousins at my parent’s house… then we had Christmas Dinner with Mark, Sarah and Anna at Thea’s. It was all wonderful! She had fun and we enjoyed ourselves very much… but the point is, that’s it!! That’s all she did. She has less stamina than that of an out of shape 40 year old. Mind you, she is enduring day 2 of yet another ‘Site’ change, and she doesn’t sleep well… but Man! I feel for this kid. Having PH really does suck!! Maybe it’s a good thing that I’ve never loved winter… and maybe when they’re up for it, Mike can take Allie to do fun wintery things like tobogganing and outdoor skating; while Mia and I stay in and just Chill with Bob Ross 😉

PS. If ever you’re feeling anxious,  watch Bob Ross paint a picture… it really does help! 


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