It’s not all bad…

Katrina: “Hey Chris! How are you? I know it’s kind of a silly question to ask huh? I know your household has been having a hard year which is truly an understatement.”

Chris: “I’m not bad. I’m actually learning a lot of life lessons through this. And I believe I’m becoming a better parent! Not to mention learning what’s important and what isn’t. I’m discovering the people I thought would be there for me every single step of the way; no matter what… don’t even say hello, let alone ask me how I’m feeling. But that’s OK! Not everybody was designed to be a support system. It’s absolutely fine. I figure a lot of it is all in the attitude, right? Some days are really really shitty, I’m not gonna lie and pretend they’re not. But other days, we’re actually awesome!! I’d say we’re becoming closer as a family. And that’s all I’ve ever wanted… A family who is real and loves unconditionally. Because that’s what’s important. Thank you for asking 😊 
How are you? Are you having the time your life out there in New York? Is it everything you hoped for? Or is it completely different?”

My Family! I can’t tell you how much I love being part of this Clan! ✨


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