Feel Better Fairies

Since Mia’s diagnosis of PH, I have definitely discovered that there really are some people in this world who truly do have hearts of gold. I refer to these people as ‘Feel Better Fairies’.  They are helpful, loving, kind, selfless, generous and… always around! Be it a kind word of encouragement or a gigantic hug right when I needed a shoulder to cry on. Or perhaps it came in the form of a London Fog, an unexpected text, cooking a meal or taking the kids for an hour or two so we can exhale; even for just a moment… These Feel Better Fairies really do help to keep our spirits up so that we can continue on this journey Sparkling with Hope. 

One such Feel Better Fairy recently gave my mother some money for me with instructions: She is to spend it on herself… on anything she wants. My guess is that this fairy was thinking that I may need something to lift my spirit up. 

So what did I buy?… INK!

Yesterday I went to see Lyndsey, my favourite (and only!!) tattoo artist and she created for me the most spectacular piece of art that I believe honours the significant role that Feel Better Fairies play in our lives. They do this just by being who they are and loving us the way they do, and as a result they are making this horrific journey feel that much easier and way less lonely. 

Isn’t she GORgeous?!?! 


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