Just Breathe… 

She is sleeping without oxygen tonight. We’ve been told they need to know since being on the medication, how she reacts to sleeping both with and without the O2 mask. She has an Oximeter hooked to her finger to measure heart beat and oxygen saturation. She hasn’t slept without that oxygen mask for even a single night since she was diagnosed with PH and had the sleep study. Before that, she was seizing in the middle of the nite, and we were running off to Sick Kids Emerge!! And so tonite will the first time she will sleep without it since then… And we’re supposed to just be living as if we have normal a life!! Ha ha ha ha. Nope. Trust me when I tell you; Ain’t nobody sleeping tonite! We are taking some comfort in knowing that her her Oxygen sat is averaging 97/100 and her resting heart rate ranges anywhere from 52-120… right now it’s sitting nicely at 60bpm. But try as I might, I’ve learned to never let my guard down!


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