How’s Mia?


I get asked all the time, “How is Mia?” Umm, well… you see; that’s a loaded question isn’t it? That is really really difficult to answer. Why? Because the Remodulin is doing its job SO well that the kid doesn’t look like she’s even sick; let alone like she’s dying.

So everything is back to normal right?  No! It isn’t!! It really really isn’t!!! Pulmonary Hypertension doesn’t have a cure. Period. So she’s not actually really all that great at all!! She just looks great! Sure, she feels better, that’s a relief… but absolutely nothing has changed for me. Nothing. I actually don’t feel any better at all! Why? Because I still have a daughter with a fatal disease. FATAL. With no Cure.
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One thought on “How’s Mia?

  1. ALWAYS thinking of you, your babe and your family. My heart aches constantly for all of you. There’s nothing I can say to make things better…and that sucks! Just know how much I care… your kiddo and your family are always in my thoughts and prayers! Xoxoxo

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