Holiday Teacher Gifts!

It’s the time of year where as parents we are left wondering… What the heck are we supposed to get for the kids Teachers to say THANKS during the Holiday Season…
Teachers are the Real Heros; shaping our children’s young minds so they can be the leaders of tomorrow!  So of course during the holiday season, we like to show our appreciation by giving them a gift for all their hard work during the school year, right?!  That being said, I’ve heard many teachers tell me that although they appreciate very much the thoughtful and kind gifts that they receive, they don’t actually NEED anything – some have expressed that rather than spending money on material things, that perhaps making a donation in their name to your favourite charity could reward them in a different way!
That being said: This year, would you consider (in lieu of a gift) making a donation in your childrens teachers names to PHA Canada?
The Berdan-Clan will making homemade cards with personal messages from the girls, and then we’ll add a bit of information on what Pulmonary Hypertension is and include a Periwinkle HOPE Ribbon pin.  I’d be happy to provide pins and information to anyone who would like to considering doing the same for their teachers.. Thanks for your consideration!
A very small background on why we’ve chosen PHA Canada as our charity of choice:
For about a year, Mia was experiencing breathing problems, at first they were nothing to be concerned about, but they seemed to be getting progressively worse, so of course we started trying to figure out why… In May of 2016 Doctor’s told us that Mia had Asthma ~ we were given puffers and sent on our way. But her breathing issues continued to get worse! She looked grey and sullen, she had no energy at all, then she started fainting, then having seizures; waking up in the middle of the nite with chest pains resulting in emergency visits to Sick Kids Hospital… Asthma?… No way!
In August 2016 Mia was diagnosed with PULMONARY HYPERTENSION: it is a progressive and fatal disease to which there is No Cure!
That link again:

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