Blood doesn’t make you PHamily

Yesterday, our PH awareness was putting Periwinkle Christmas Float in the Newmarket Santa Claus Parade. Yay us!!! Except that we HATE parades! Seriously, can’t stand any part of them; I hate watching them, almost as much as I don’t like being in them. The ONLY reason we were in it, was so we could pass out some information about Pulmonary Hypertension to the community we live in, figuring if we could make even one person #PHaware, then we’d done our job.

So I put it out there, but only to the people who I thought might join us, and I have to say… I was surprised by some who didn’t – but I believe that some of them would have if they didn’t have a previous engagement, or they weren’t sick. Others showed their support as they cheered us on from the crowd while freezing underneath their umbrellas. And I was surprised by some who did join us!! VERY pleasantly surprised I might add! AND, if you can believe it… strangely enough, not a single member of our blood relatives were walking with us this time… they were ALL unable to come. As you know, that NEVER happens… Like, Ev-er!

Yesterday, I truly knew that my PHamily had Grown! And it warms my heart and just confirms what I’ve always known; my PHamily ALWAYS shows up, Rain or Shine ~ and this time it was Pouring Rain. Do any of them actually have Pulmonary Hypertension?! Not a single one of ’em. But they love us so much and we are so important to them, that they didn’t just want to be there, it’s more like they needed to be there! 
I feel like we kicked a little bit more of PH’s Ass yesterday… Am I Right? ‘Cause instead of choosing to stay home in our comfort zones all cozy and warm ~ we made a decision;  We joined together and actually DANCED in the Rain as a PHamily! I love you guys!! 
Happy girl who has an unwaivering supportive PHamily! 

Mary Ann, Wayne, Philippa, Sienna and Linc

Michelle (me) Louise

Lora and Melody

Ryder, Ava, Lyric, Bella, Ever and Ella

Mia and Jenna

Brendan, Lois, Wayne and Calvin

Mia and her daddy, Mike. 

This is love, this is PHamily ✨
We missed Allie, so glad she’s home. 


#BeBraveAndSparkle ✨ 



7 thoughts on “Blood doesn’t make you PHamily

  1. So sorry I couldn’t get out of work, really wanted to be there.
    Nicely written post, keep writing them, it’s great to be able to feel almost like we’re there with you through some of the stuff you go through.

    Liked by 1 person

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