September 2007

I came across this note today.  I wrote this to a friend 2007. Interesting how I just ‘ran into’ her mom today – At my house!! She was a buying a PH t-shirt to mail to her PHriend in Alaska! That’s pretty freakin’ AWEsome!!  (Hey Rach, your punching gloves are going to Alaska!) If I hadn’t seen her mom today, I wouldn’t have found this note

“I certainly have been blessed, there’s no question about that eh? It’s funny, Mike and I had the biggest fight of our marriage when we started to think about having kids… I wanted to start Oct. 2003 and he wanted to wait a month until Nov. (I won by the way, and we did start in Oct. but didn’t have our first pregnancy until Nov.) Funny how things work out… we ended up with 4 miscarriages … and in the process of the 2 years of ups, downs, and Infertility Doctor trips and surgery we ended up trying (for what resulted in Mia) in October 2005, but she was conceived in November 2005… ha ha… the Lord works in mysterious ways, doesn’t He? But you know, when my sister died in 1997, and we finally buried her a year later; I put a note in ‘with’ her, in that note I asked her to ask God to send me a little girl… I wanted a little girl so badly, I also thought I’d like her to have bright blue eyes and curly hair… God was gracious and gave me exactly what I asked for! And those bright blue eyes are exactly like my sisters! I get a little bit of Danielle when I look at Mia every day – so yes, I have been blessed… truly blessed! I love my kid, and even when she’s not exacly perfect and she’s driving me a little crazy, I stop and remember what we went thru to get her, and I realize it’s all good… I wouldn’t trade being a mommy for anything in the world! Mike and I will be back on the horse trying for baby # 2 in January… and you know what, I don’t expect any trouble this time, but if I encounter problems again… Mia has taught me that it IS all worth it in the end… that’s what I always tell the women I meet who are having trouble conceiving… because anything that is worth having, IS worth the fight to get it! This is why I say that it’s the women that have the babies, cause I don’t know about you, but i don’t know many men who would put their whole being (body, emotions, spirit) thru that… let alone the carrying of the baby where your whole life style has to be different, then the labour and delievery… ya, I’d love to see a guy do all that! We women are a STRONG and determined gender aren’t we? What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger – that’s for sure! Thanks for the note Michelle, I appreciate your words.”

Chris xx

🤔 Things that make you go Hmm?


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